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computer drawing

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

OLD Navy

Hey Everyone Its Me Skye I Am Going To My Grandmas House And Im Going To

Old Navy With My Mom When We Get There.

I Cant Wait.

These Are Some Sketches Of Cholthes I Drew:

Monday, February 23, 2009

ANGEL DIARY story by Lee YunHee, art by Kara









The only Angel Princess of Heaven is betrothed to the Emperor of the Underworld. Unable to accept her future with the Demon King, she realizes that her only choice is to run away. Her plan is to join the human world disguised as a schoolboy! Now all of the Gods from Heaven and Hell are searching high and low on the earth trying to make sure that a wedding happens.




Angel Diary © Lee YunHee, Kara / Seoul Cultural Publishers, Inc.



story by Lee YunHee, art by Kara


November 2005 | ISBN: 8-9527-4467-5
(978-8-9527-4467-8) | $10.95 ($13.50) | 200 pages | 5.75″x 8.25″ | Teen


The only Angel Princess of Heaven is betrothed to the Emperor of the Underworld. Unable to accept her future with the Demon King, she realizes that her only choice is to run away. Her plan is to join the human world disguised as a schoolboy! Now all of the Gods from Heaven and Hell are searching high and low on the earth trying to make sure that a wedding happens.



story by Lee YunHee, art by Kara


March 2006 | ISBN: 8-9527-4474-8
(978-8-9527-4474-6) | $10.95 ($13.50) | 200 pages | 5.75″x 8.25″ | Teen


The runaway angel princess and the four guardians of Heaven - who are in search of her in the human world - are on a field trip. But the princess, who is still disguised as a school boy, is plagued with more troubles as always. Will the guardians be able to save her from all the trouble?! Also, the secret past of beautiful Ah-Hin and powerful Woo-Hyun is about to be revealed. What will be waiting for them after the trip? This ridiculously funny and charming fantasy will draw you right into their world.



story by Lee YunHee, art by Kara


June 2006 | ISBN: 8-9527-4482-9
(978-8-9527-4482-1) | $10.95 ($13.50) | 200 pages | 5.75″x 8.25″ | Teen


A fight between the members of the four guardians of Heaven breaks out as Woo-Hyun battles to win Ah-Hin’s heart! As more characters from heaven and hell come to the human world to search for our runaway angel princess, Dong-Young is feeling more pressured. Her mysterious classmate, Bi-Wal, turns out to have a fiance who also came to the human world to find the Angel princess of Heaven. Will Dong-Young finally get caught?



story by Lee YunHee, art by Kara


October 2006 | ISBN: 8-9527-4600-7
(978-8-9527-4600-9) | $10.95 ($13.50) | 200 pages | 5.75″x 8.25″ | Teen


Mi-Hyang - Bi-Wol’s fiancee who has a serious crush on him - also comes to the human world determined to get rid of the angel princess. Assuming Ah-Hin is the princess, she tracks her down, only to capture Dong-Young by coincidence. But who knew that Dong-Young was the real princess?! With her secret identity revealed, will Dong-Young be able to escape from this pinch?!



story by Lee YunHee, art by Kara


December 2006 | ISBN: 8-9527-4611-2
(978-8-9527-4611-5) | $10.95 ($13.50) | 200 pages | 5.75″x 8.25″ | Teen


With the help of the demon Se-In, Ryung plots to kidnap Dong-Young the princess of heaven. As always Bi-Wal stands in his way, but does he now have some kind of ulterior motive? What is the secret shared by Bi-Wal and Ryung? What happens to the princess when this mystery unravels?



story by Lee YunHee, art by Kara


July 2008 | ISBN: 0-7595-2904-3 (978-0-7595-2904-5) | $10.99 ($11.99) | 192 pages | 5.75″x8.25″ | Teen


Princess Dong-Young is kidnapped by the powerful demon, Se-In. With the help of B-Wal, Doh-Hyun the Black Turtle attempts to rescue the princess. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, Ryung enters the scene out of nowhere… and more secrets are revealed about the characters’ hidden pasts!



story by Lee YunHee, art by Kara


October 2008 | ISBN: 0-7595-3006-8 (978-0-7595-3006-5) | $10.99 ($11.99) | 192 pages | 5.75″x8.25″ | Teen


Dong-Young confronts Bi-Wal and lets slip a confession of love! But with her engagement to the King of Hell, does this budding relationship stand a chance? As the guardians argue about what to do, Queen Hong appears with an even more earth-shattering revelation!



story by Lee YunHee, art by Kara


January 2009 | ISBN: 0-7595-3066-1 (978-0-7595-3066-9) | $10.99 ($11.99) | 192 pages | 5.75″x8.25″ | Teen


The search for the demon Se-In and Bi-Wal’s brother Ryung brings about some unlikely alliances between heaven and hell. Confused, Dong-Young seeks out Bi-Wal but once again finds herself with Se-In’s life in her hands instead!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


For no reason, I picked up Canvas2 to watch after finishing off Banner of the Stars. Only 4 episodes in, but I’m finding it especially enjoyable. I had initially shrugged it off as generic harem when it was aired since a certain red-haired loli and white devil was my focus that time, but I myself proven wrong now and it’s more of a romance harem instead.

What I like about it is most probably that none of the characters for now are being portrayed as perfect, as everyone has their own problems which comes into play as the main focus of the stories as they deal with it with the help of one another, for instance Hiroki going for a date with Hagino to help her in her novel writing and Elis advising Misaki to give her confidence.

The humour of the series is also very nicely done in and aren’t 95% fanservice humour, typical of harem animes. Instead, the element of moé comes into play a lot here, most notably in the episode previews done by Elis and Hiroki who discuss about the *moé zokusei* of characters in focus the next episode. I’m actually spending time to watch the previews, of which I rarely ever do when I marathon series.

Looking forward for the rest of the storyline for now. I haven’t picked a favourite yet, as everyone is kinda appealing in their own manner. For those who’ve watched, no spoilers plz :).

Angry Belldandy is scary Belldandy

Ah! My Goddess

Making her mad has gotta rank as one of the stupidest things to do, ever.

As usual with me on the end of a season and the eve of a new one, I find myself craving for old classics, while others expound on the loveliness of the new shows. Don’t ask me why.

On a sidenote, so many deadlines to catch up on @_@.

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Aa! Megami-sama TV Episode 25 & 26

Source : Aa! Megami-sama TV OST

Two extra episodes that weren’t aired during the TV run of the series and only released in DVD format.

Episode 25 and 26 covers events in the manga right after the **Terrible Master Urd** arc, where the goddesses have trouble getting energy to retain their forms due to the **Yggdrasil** crash caused earlier on. The results in **Belldandy** having to morph into *chibi* form (a.k.a ***CHOU KAWAII!!!***), **Urd** regressing into her child stage and **Skuld** having a growth spurt resulting in adulthood.

In Episode 25, **Urd** is the first victim as she turns into loli mode and flirts around with a *hikikomori*-ish boy while Episode 26 focuses on **Skuld**, as she turns into an adult, a darn sexy one at that too, so she takes the chance to have some fun as an adult, like wearing sexy evening gowns, high heels and taking wedding pictures with **K1**.

Both episodes are nicely made and in tune with current times, check out the **PDP** that **Urd’s** playing ;). Should’ve updated the dialouge though, the kid was still referring to “A” and “B” buttons :P. The production values just really blow you away and even with the LQ raw, I still managed to enjoy myself. I really should get the DVD versions of the Aa! Megami-sama TV.

The best part of both episodes for me was how both Urd and Skuld’s *seiyuu’s* managed to fit their voices into their character changes. Both **Yumi Touma** and **Aya Hisakawa** did a fine job changing their voices to loli mode and adult mode respectively. Especially **Aya Hisakawa** doing the adult **Skuld** voice of which added in +25 Sekushii. I’m starting to become an **Aya Hisakawa** junkie too T_T.


 Kamichama Karin: summary Karin is an ordinary girl in an ordinary school who does not get good grades and is not a good athlete. Her parents died when she was young and lives with her aunt. After her beloved cat dies, she finds out that her mom left her a mysterious pink ring. When visiting her cat's grave, a boy named Kazune shows up. Later, she finds out that her ring can transform her into a goddess, and Kazune can transform into a God too, but Kazune is just a bit different. He gets weaker every time he uses his ring to transform. Kazune is pretty much dying. So Karin decides to protect Kazune and Himeka(Kazune's cousin) as much as she can! 

Opening Theme

1. Ankoku Tengoku
Ending Themes

1. Anemone

2. Kuuchuu Meiro

Friday, February 20, 2009

Rozen Maiden Träumend 02

During the battle, Bara Suishou grabs ahold of Hollie and suddenly recognizes Shinku. Shinku is reminded of the fight with Suigin Tou and her desire to fight weakens. Things look bad as Bara Suishou glows and powers up for super saiyin mode, but a rabbit hole conveniently opens up beneath them, and they are tossed back through the mirror. While the Rabbit taunts Bara Suishou, Shinku asks Jun to keep the awakening of Bara Suishou a secret from the others, because it means that the Alice Game has begun.

In keeping her secret, Shinku distances herself from everyone. Jun is concerned about her, but they end up squabbling and saying some pretty mean things. Suisei Seki fools Hina Ichigo into thinking that Shinku’s mad about Hina Ichigo’s pochette crossing over the border, but Sousei Seki realizes that it must have to do with the Alice Game. As Tomoe takes Jun to a doll shop (where a man who looks like Father works in the back), Sousei Seki finds out the truth. This sets up the scene for a nice reconciliation as the sister agree to stick together, and Jun gives everyone a cute little music box. Shinku is so pleased about this, she puts the music box in her Kun-kun shrine. Now, there’s just one little sister left to find…

Although not a whole lot happened, there were a lot of interesting minor points of interest that popped up. Suisei Seki and Sousei Seki finally used the front door, and we learn that there is still one undiscovered Rozen Maiden. Furthermore, it seems that Bara Suishou has never been awake at the same time as everyone else. Mysterious! Other great moments include Suisei Seki standing up for the dignity of all watering pots, that long awkward silence as Tomoe and Jun listen to the doll salesman Shirosaki, and the further reinforcement of Shinku’s fangirl tendencies. I bet she even has a Kun-kun website that’s part of the Kun-kun Webring.

Rozen Maiden Träumend Review

First off, I’m going to just assume there will be a third series. There is simply no way for there not to be. The first series ended in a way that at least had some closure, but Rozen Maiden Traumend essentially left us on an extended cliffhanger. What is the alternative way to become Alice? Can the other Rozen Maidens be revived? Will the real Bara Suishou please stand up? And what’s going on with that silly rabbit that doesn’t know that tricks are for kids?

On it’s own, Rozen Maiden Traumend had a lot going for it. The most successful aspect of the 12 episodes was the way it gave the viewers much deeper insight into the various dolls. In the first season, we really only got to know Shinku, and possibly Suisei Seki, but this time we got a really good look at Suigin Tou, Suisei Seki, and Hina Ichigo. Newcomers Kanaria and Bara Suishou were welcome additions, and Sousei Seki was as boring as ever (although she was revealed to be a know-it-all). Whereas last time the focus was on Jun and his hardships, the focus this time was almost entirely on the dolls and the Alice Game.

In terms of story, I’m a little ambivalent. The first few episodes were slow, plot-wise, but lots of fun. However, the way the action picked up so quickly near the last 3 episodes made it almost unbearable when the series simply ended without much resolution. I was also disappointed that they didn’t play the fantastic battle music from the first season, especially during the Megaman fight sequence between Shinku and Bara Suishou. Speaking of music, most of the music was reused, but I liked the new OP (wailing banshees and all) and ED.

On its own, Rozen Maiden Traumend is a bit iffy, but if it’s simply part of a larger series, I think there is a lot of potential for the whole story to be really super. I bet they could wrap everything up completely in 6 episodes. Or a long movie. Really I’d be happy with whatever resolution I could get. Even as I write this, my mind is abuzz with questions (Is Rozen supposed to be like God or something? How did he get his shirt so white? Where are the Elric brothers?). I really enjoyed the ride, but Rozen Maiden Traumend left way too many loose ends to be considered a complete success on its own.


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