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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Angry Belldandy is scary Belldandy

Ah! My Goddess

Making her mad has gotta rank as one of the stupidest things to do, ever.

As usual with me on the end of a season and the eve of a new one, I find myself craving for old classics, while others expound on the loveliness of the new shows. Don’t ask me why.

On a sidenote, so many deadlines to catch up on @_@.

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Aa! Megami-sama TV Episode 25 & 26

Source : Aa! Megami-sama TV OST

Two extra episodes that weren’t aired during the TV run of the series and only released in DVD format.

Episode 25 and 26 covers events in the manga right after the **Terrible Master Urd** arc, where the goddesses have trouble getting energy to retain their forms due to the **Yggdrasil** crash caused earlier on. The results in **Belldandy** having to morph into *chibi* form (a.k.a ***CHOU KAWAII!!!***), **Urd** regressing into her child stage and **Skuld** having a growth spurt resulting in adulthood.

In Episode 25, **Urd** is the first victim as she turns into loli mode and flirts around with a *hikikomori*-ish boy while Episode 26 focuses on **Skuld**, as she turns into an adult, a darn sexy one at that too, so she takes the chance to have some fun as an adult, like wearing sexy evening gowns, high heels and taking wedding pictures with **K1**.

Both episodes are nicely made and in tune with current times, check out the **PDP** that **Urd’s** playing ;). Should’ve updated the dialouge though, the kid was still referring to “A” and “B” buttons :P. The production values just really blow you away and even with the LQ raw, I still managed to enjoy myself. I really should get the DVD versions of the Aa! Megami-sama TV.

The best part of both episodes for me was how both Urd and Skuld’s *seiyuu’s* managed to fit their voices into their character changes. Both **Yumi Touma** and **Aya Hisakawa** did a fine job changing their voices to loli mode and adult mode respectively. Especially **Aya Hisakawa** doing the adult **Skuld** voice of which added in +25 Sekushii. I’m starting to become an **Aya Hisakawa** junkie too T_T.


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