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Friday, February 20, 2009

LaPlace lays down the challenge: appear at the agreed upon N-field tomorrow morning. Shinku and Suisei Seki know they have to fight, but Suisei Seki wants Kanaria to stay behind. It’s time Kanaria knew the truth: her attacks are annoying, but quite frankly they are weak as hell. After a hearty breakfast of flower-topped hamburger (Suisei Seki is like “OMG protein”), it’s time for battle, and it’s clear that Suigin Tou and Bara Suishou are bringing it.

As predicted, the battle is way too much for Kanaria, and Suisei Seki has to constantly cover for her. Shinku takes on Suigin Tou, and Jun runs into the mansion to try to talk some sense into Father (aka Rozen). In helping Kanaria, Suisei Seki ends up getting hit by several chunks of crystal and is eventually crystallized. Kanaria tries to protect Suisei Seki’s Roza Mystica, but even her ougi cannot stop Bara Suishou. Sure it takes off Bara Suishou’s right arm, but when you rock the lovely eyepatch, you better have some ambidextrous skillz. As Jun and Shinku watch helplessly, Bara Suishou then proceeds to run Kanaria through… left-handed!

Damnit Nori, if only you’d made some damn carbohydrates for breakfast, the battle wouldn’t have gone so badly! It was plain to see that all that protein wasn’t giving Suisei Seki and Shinku the ready energy they needed. I’m glad Suisei Seki finally set Kanaria straight about the power of the violin attacks, and in spite of how snappy she was, it was clear that Suisei Seki was really looking out for Kanaria. I’d be more sad about Suisei Seki going down, but when this many main characters bite the dust, there is usually a good chance that they’ll all be revived. Unless the series is X. Or Chrno Crusade.

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