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Thursday, February 19, 2009


After their usual interaction in the Takasu household, Ryuji and Taiga make a visit to the family restaurant they typically visit. Ryuji is disappointed to find that Minori is off that day, but his attention is soon taken by Taiga who wishes to show him a bag that she likes in a fashion magazine. The girl in the fashion ad, Kawashima Ami, shows up at the restaurant by coincidence, and when she is met by Yusaku soon after, Ryuji and Taiga are baffled. When he sees the two in the restaurant, Yusaku finally introduces Ami to Ryuji and Taiga as his childhood friend. While the four sit down at a table together, Ryuji starts to see that Ami is a very polite and attractive girl. When Yusaku eventually leaves to use the bathroom, Ryuji follows out of nervousness. When Ryuji meets Yusaku, he is asked what he thinks about Ami. Ryuji describes all of the positive things he sees in Ami, but with this, Yusaku simply asks him to watch her from the distance they are at. Alone with Taiga, Ami reveals that she is actually a very stuck up girl who only accepts getting what she wants. Yusaku tells Ryuji that this is Ami’s true nature, and although he notices how well Taiga is putting up with her abuse, the group is forced to separate when Taiga slaps Ami in the face.

Taiga can only express her frustration to Ryuji when they return to the house that night, but she also believes that they will probably never see Ami again. To Taiga’s disappointment, shock, and anger the next day, Ami arrives in her class as a transfer student the next day. Ami continues to use her fake personality to win over everyone in class throughout the day, and while watching this, Ryuji can only wonder to Yusaku why he had not told them that she was transferring to their school. Admitting that he does not hate Ami’s true personality, Yusaku states his wish for others to see it. As it wouldn’t be the best for her, Yusaku does not want Ami to continue to lie. Ami meets Ryuji at the vending machines before class later, then taking the chance to give him an explanation for what had happened the day before. Although Ryuji sees that she is clearly twisting the story, he goes along with it as he returns to class with her.

While note passing in class later, Ryuji gets an awkward note from Minori describing how disappointed she is in him for abandoning Taiga for Ami. Ryuji changes this subject by indirecting asking Minori what she thinks of Ami’s personality, and soon finds that Minori is very against it. Taiga is forced to have Ryuji help her clean her locker after school, but she decides to wait in the classroom rather than returning home before him. Ami finds Taiga while she is in there, then trying several things to get her attention as usual. She is troubled with Taiga seems indifferent to most of her threats, but when she mentions that Yusaku has come to hate her because of what she did earlier, Taiga finally cracks.

After returning home, Ryuji is forced to go to Taiga’s house to cheer her up. He reveals that Yusaku already knows the truth and everything about Ami, then reminding Taiga that he isn’t the type that would come to hate her for something so little in the first place. Taiga finally returns to her normal self after hearing this, and when Yasuko sends her and Ryuji out to by some sauce, Taiga sees a notice in a fashion magazine implying that Ami has stopped modeling temporarily. When Ryuji and Taiga further see Ami in a deceptive outfit on the way home, Taiga believes that she has gathered information to use against her.

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