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Friday, February 20, 2009

Cliffhanger ending episode for the win?

The battle to stop Ball Masque continues, with Wilhelmina and Shana both having a hard time against Hecate and Sydonay. While they’re desperately fighting outside, Yuji regains consciousness and spots Wilhelmina, and he slowly climbs up to retrieve Blutsauger, all the while fighting off the robots and getting his existence slowly absorbed.

Outside, the Flame Hazes gain some reprieve when they discover both Hecate and Sydonay are unable to attack the Statue of Pride. Taking the chance, they use it as a shield, fighting them with their backs towards it. Meanwhile, Yuji has retrieved back Blutsauger and he trudges up ahead to look for the Reiji Maigo. Shana and Wilhelmina continue to fight, and taking a chance, Shana feints an attack to Hecate, punching a hole in to the Statue.

She rushes in and regroups up with Yuji, and they continue onwards to the center of the statue, while it starts to move and break out of the blue shell that has been protecting it. Margery recovers in time to set up a fuzetsu to prevent the city from being damaged as well, and saves Yoshida as well.

Inside, Yuji and Shana finally reach the heart of the statue, and they’re confronted with the Silver armor. They face off with some difficulties, until finally, Yuji figures out that they’ll have to destroy the control mechanism to stop it. Shana immediately aims for it, and she’s helped further when the Silver, who’s being controlled by Hecate, suddenly stops and pauses, apparently because Konoe’s personality emerged from it. While Shana destroys the controls, Yuji stabs the Silver armor and finally retrieves the Reiji Maigo, and they both escape right afterwards. The Ball Masque trio can only watch in disbelief as their plans are foiled yet again.

In the epilogue, the city is repaired, and the Yuji is forced to continue with his choice between Yoshida and Shana. It’s implied he chose Shana, but the final scene of the episode closes with ominous scene of footsteps (probably Yuji’s) disappearing halfway…

They’re soooo making this in to a third season. I’m glad they learned some lessons and didn’t did a half-ass “life goes on” ending, but instead chose to end it in this ominous way. Makes the fans (me included) lust for a third season.

About the final battle, not as awesome as the two major battles before this, but at the least Yuji finally did show some skill of his own, instead of relying solely on Shana. The final part where Konoe’s feelings suddenly burst forth was kinda forced though, but meh, I guess they were trying to make her character of some use.

Kinda sad about Yoshida too, but it’s been expected. I really wanted the stupid love triangle arc to end, since it’s just so one-dimensional, plus they didn’t really develop on it at all, mainly using it as a plot crutch of sorts.

Otherwise… I will say Shana II has been a good season, with the terrible start made up with the awesome second half of the series, marked by awesome Flame Haze fighting and some real plot developments.

Now, we only have to wait till they officially announce Season 4 3.

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