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Saturday, February 21, 2009


For no reason, I picked up Canvas2 to watch after finishing off Banner of the Stars. Only 4 episodes in, but I’m finding it especially enjoyable. I had initially shrugged it off as generic harem when it was aired since a certain red-haired loli and white devil was my focus that time, but I myself proven wrong now and it’s more of a romance harem instead.

What I like about it is most probably that none of the characters for now are being portrayed as perfect, as everyone has their own problems which comes into play as the main focus of the stories as they deal with it with the help of one another, for instance Hiroki going for a date with Hagino to help her in her novel writing and Elis advising Misaki to give her confidence.

The humour of the series is also very nicely done in and aren’t 95% fanservice humour, typical of harem animes. Instead, the element of moé comes into play a lot here, most notably in the episode previews done by Elis and Hiroki who discuss about the *moé zokusei* of characters in focus the next episode. I’m actually spending time to watch the previews, of which I rarely ever do when I marathon series.

Looking forward for the rest of the storyline for now. I haven’t picked a favourite yet, as everyone is kinda appealing in their own manner. For those who’ve watched, no spoilers plz :).

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