computer drawing

computer drawing

Saturday, February 21, 2009

 Kamichama Karin: summary Karin is an ordinary girl in an ordinary school who does not get good grades and is not a good athlete. Her parents died when she was young and lives with her aunt. After her beloved cat dies, she finds out that her mom left her a mysterious pink ring. When visiting her cat's grave, a boy named Kazune shows up. Later, she finds out that her ring can transform her into a goddess, and Kazune can transform into a God too, but Kazune is just a bit different. He gets weaker every time he uses his ring to transform. Kazune is pretty much dying. So Karin decides to protect Kazune and Himeka(Kazune's cousin) as much as she can! 

Opening Theme

1. Ankoku Tengoku
Ending Themes

1. Anemone

2. Kuuchuu Meiro

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