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Friday, February 20, 2009

Rozen Maiden Träumend 02

During the battle, Bara Suishou grabs ahold of Hollie and suddenly recognizes Shinku. Shinku is reminded of the fight with Suigin Tou and her desire to fight weakens. Things look bad as Bara Suishou glows and powers up for super saiyin mode, but a rabbit hole conveniently opens up beneath them, and they are tossed back through the mirror. While the Rabbit taunts Bara Suishou, Shinku asks Jun to keep the awakening of Bara Suishou a secret from the others, because it means that the Alice Game has begun.

In keeping her secret, Shinku distances herself from everyone. Jun is concerned about her, but they end up squabbling and saying some pretty mean things. Suisei Seki fools Hina Ichigo into thinking that Shinku’s mad about Hina Ichigo’s pochette crossing over the border, but Sousei Seki realizes that it must have to do with the Alice Game. As Tomoe takes Jun to a doll shop (where a man who looks like Father works in the back), Sousei Seki finds out the truth. This sets up the scene for a nice reconciliation as the sister agree to stick together, and Jun gives everyone a cute little music box. Shinku is so pleased about this, she puts the music box in her Kun-kun shrine. Now, there’s just one little sister left to find…

Although not a whole lot happened, there were a lot of interesting minor points of interest that popped up. Suisei Seki and Sousei Seki finally used the front door, and we learn that there is still one undiscovered Rozen Maiden. Furthermore, it seems that Bara Suishou has never been awake at the same time as everyone else. Mysterious! Other great moments include Suisei Seki standing up for the dignity of all watering pots, that long awkward silence as Tomoe and Jun listen to the doll salesman Shirosaki, and the further reinforcement of Shinku’s fangirl tendencies. I bet she even has a Kun-kun website that’s part of the Kun-kun Webring.

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