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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Third, Suiseiseki

She and her twin, Souseiseki are constantly referred to as 'gardeners' for their ability to tend to and communicate with plants, and also because their weapons are gardening-tool-ish. Suiseiseki finds bliss in bullying Hinaichigo, and does it whenever she has the chance, and she never admits her faults, however obvious they are. Suiseiseki also constantly ends her sentences with "desu", (something like Malaysia's "la" or sabah's "bah" in Japanese, I think) though sometimes it's not even grammatically correct.

Suiseiseki stands out among the dolls in that she values her sisters' love more than the goal of becoming Alice. She is one of the few dolls who opposes the Alice Game, and has no intentions of becoming Alice if it means taking her fellow sisters' Rosa Mystica. Suiseiseki tries to avoid participating in the Alice Game as much as possible, but she can use her watering can to make plants emerge from the ground and manipulate them.

Her artificial spirit, Sui Dream is named after the popular Anna Sui perfume. She is the owner of The Gardener's Water Can, and is also one of the two dolls who has the ability to open the portal to The Dream World of humans.

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